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        China 's environmental protection packaging ink industry development in 2017

        China 's environmental protection packaging ink industry development in 2017

        Ink is an indispensable basic material for packaging and printing, but it is easy to cause pollution in its production and application. In the call for the development of low carbon economy and promote green printing today, the production and use of green ink is increasingly becoming the consensus of the ink industry and printing industry.

        1, industry departments, regulatory systems and industry policies

        (1) industry authorities and regulatory system;

        Environmental protection packaging ink industry's main management department for the national development and Reform Commission, China Daily Chemical Industry Association ink branch. The national development and Reform Commission is the macro management department of the industry. It is responsible for macro regulation and control of the development direction of the industry. China Daily Chemical Association ink branch, formerly known as the China ink industry association, was founded in 1985. Association of ink, ink, ink and ink raw material for the production of machinery related business, scientific research, test, teaching units voluntarily, is a non-profit social organization, is approved by the State Economic and Trade Commission and the State Ministry of light industry and has been registered in the Ministry of civil affairs of the National Association of ink.

        2, industry overview

        (1) the background and development of the industry

        Ink is an indispensable basic material for packaging and printing, but it is easy to cause pollution in its production and application. In the call for the development of low carbon economy and promote green printing today, the production and use of green ink is increasingly becoming the consensus of the ink industry and printing industry. Compared with developed countries and regions such as Europe, America and Japan, the production and use of environmental protection ink in our country started relatively late. Because the traditional solvent based ink using a lot of benzene solvents, European countries began to gradually replace the traditional use of environmentally friendly ink inks since 2000, Japan in 2002 issued the relevant environmental protection ink standard, application of environmentally friendly ink in food, pharmaceuticals and infant supplies on the package. In 2005, China began to produce environmental protection printing ink, and related standards began to be released from 2007.

        In recent years, with the steady development of the domestic economy, the overall production and sales of the ink industry in China are gradually increasing, and showing the characteristics of environmental protection. According to the ink association data show that China's annual output of ink from 1995 to about 100 thousand tons, the development of 2015 to 697 thousand tons, with an average annual growth rate of more than 10%.

        (2) industry characteristics

        Domestic environmental protection ink industry has the following characteristics:

        Compared with the foreign environmental protection printing ink industry, the environmental protection printing industry in our country started late and is now in the initial stage of development, and the production concentration is low. At present, there are relatively few kinds of environmental protection printing ink products in China, and the environmental protection of the ink produced is not strong, and even some products can not meet the relevant standards. In addition, the supply of high-quality inks inadequate, resulting in market demand can not be fully met. The technical level of the domestic environmental protection ink industry is not strong enough, compared with the developed countries in Europe and America, and the technical level is lower, so there is more room for improvement.

        3, market competition in the industry

        (1) industry competition pattern;

        At present, China's environmental protection printing ink industry in the early stages of development, are concentrated in the low-end market, many small and medium enterprises, the fierce competition in the market; and the production of high-end products, the market supply growth lags behind the demand, production enterprises are relatively small, relatively moderate competition.

        At present, the domestic environmental protection ink industry is mainly made up of transnational enterprise groups, large domestic enterprises and other small and medium-sized enterprises. In the 2014 annual total sales of environmental protection ink, multinational enterprise group sales accounted for 47%, accounting for the largest market share.

        According to the China ink Industry Association statistics, in 2015 the total output of China's ink was 700 thousand tons, of which more than ten million tons of annual output, the total output of the top ten enterprises was 281 thousand and 600 tons, accounting for 40.23%. In 2015, a total of 340 ink enterprises with main business income of 20 million and above were established in China, and they were in complete market competition.

        (2) major barriers to entry and exit

        Certification barrier

        With the terminal consumer's demand for food safety and environmental protection higher and higher, the terminal food packaging enterprises are increasingly demanding their raw materials, especially the chemical raw materials. Therefore, the terminal food packaging enterprises will be very careful about the selection and certification of ink suppliers. They usually need a longer time trial, and once the certification is completed, it will not change frequently. Environmental protection ink industry newcomers may not be able to obtain certification of end product manufacturers in the short term.

        Technical barrier

        As a technology intensive industry, environmental protection ink industry has high technical barriers, mainly reflected in the product formula, organization and production, market development and so on.

        A, environmental protection ink product formula is a comprehensive understanding of the relevant disciplines, awareness and comprehensive ability to reflect. Environmental protection ink formulation mainly includes the connecting material formula and the pigment formula. A) binder formulation - bonding material is a polymer composite material, composed, made of polymer resin and solvent formula is complex, in the manufacturing process, need a comprehensive knowledge of multi discipline and a lot of practical experience. B) - paint formula in pigment formulation, need to understand all kinds of basic physical and chemical properties of the pigment, and the proper collocation, processing, to meet the requirements of the formation of pigment, with analysis of color and chroma, chemical intermediates chemical and other related disciplines, professional knowledge.

        B, in the process of production, we need experienced process control engineers, inspection engineers and skilled industrial technical workers to cooperate with each other to ensure the stability of the process and high quality of the products. The combination of experience and technology and knowledge is a necessary condition for product production.

        C, in

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